Episode 142

May 04, 2023

CCFR Radio – Ep 142: Libs Think Gun Owners Are Stupid, CCFR v Canada Trial Over, CSAAA & the Buyback

New Liberal amendments to Bill C-21! Now they’ll wait a while to ban your guns instead of doing it now, nice. Firearm industry group signs deal with the Liberals. Debrief on our court dates for CCFR v Canada. Kristina Michaud from the Bloc engaging in galactic buffoonery. All that and more this week! SHARE THIS PODCAST!!

Text for “why does anyone need an AR-15” below.


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Why Does Anyone Need an AR-15?

So, there’s really two parts to that answer, one is why do people own AR-15s and the other is addressing why people need them – as it were.

Canadians own AR-15s specifically for sport shooting. It is the de facto long gun for many types of sports shooting events, there are a lot of people involved in these activities, and they’ve been going on for over 100 years in this country. None of this is new.

Concerning the “need” part of the question, there are a lot of things that Canadians can own without having to demonstrate a need.

The real question is, is public safety negatively impacted by Canadians owning certain kinds of firearms? And would a ban on certain types of firearms make Canadians safer? And, just as important, is the response (confiscation of property from people who have proven they can be trusted) justified by the potential public safety benefit?

Those are the real questions, and I understand that it’s a lot more convenient to replace the hard questions with “why does anyone need an AR-15”. So, for anyone who wants to be taken seriously on the topic of public safety these are the questions that we should be asking.

Other Serious Questions:
And again, for those who are serious people, there are other, very serious questions that need to be answered.

Like, where’s the violence really coming from? Who’s doing it? How do we stop violent behaviour in the first place with or without firearms, or where are these guns coming from? Are there things we can do to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals that doesn’t include taking firearms away from millions of Canadians who have done nothing wrong? These things are difficult, that’s why you won’t see the Bloc, the NDP or the Liberals doing them or asking any of these hard questions.

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