Episode 97

August 20, 2021

CCFR Election Campaign, Rod’s Problem, CPC Firearm Platform, Neon Sign Draw

Rod has a problem. Rod & Tracey reveal the CCFR’s election project. Neon sign contest winner is drawn. A close look at the Conservative firearms platform, warts and all. New recruitment contest.

Neon Sign Contest: https://membership.firearmrights.ca/sign_contest 

Recruitment Leaderboard: https://membership.firearmrights.ca/recruitment_leaderboard

Member Login to find your unique recruitment link: https://membership.firearmrights.ca/member_landing

Contribute the CCFR legal fund Online: https://membership.firearmrights.ca/legal_challenge

By EMT: finance@firearmrights.ca

By mail: Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights P.O. Box 91572 RPO Mer Bleu Orleans, ON K1W 0A6

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